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Abbesses, Paris 18


65 m2 / 700 sqft

5 months of work

An old bookstore to be transformed into a restaurant: that was the challenging project, at Le Perreux-sur-Marne, a residential area outside of Paris.

The space needed to be completely reconsidered, in order to face the needs and demands of the
new owners.

A sober and elegant atmosphere for a gourmet bistro, willing to stand out from the

other restaurants in the neighborhood, while keeping a spirit of conviviality.

A large shared table along with smaller ones and a few seats at the counter, facing  the open kitchen and its chef.

The chairs and benches were custom made: soft lines and silky  materials, in order to  break the austerity of the dark blue walls


A place where you can enjoy an atypical menu, in a classy and lovely setting.

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